About Me


The name’s Tomas Hau (formerly Persson), I’m a swedish dude who loves computers, programming, technology and the Internets (and also my girlfriend wife Amanda and of course our dogs Dixie and Vilda). We live in Malmö, Sweden.

I have been in love with computers and everything tech since 1997 when I got my first computer, it was a HP with an Intel Pentium 166 Mhz MMX CPU with 256 (later upgraded to 512) MB RAM. It’s been downhill since then and now I’m an Apple fanboy, doing all my stuff using a MacBook Pro.

I work as a consultant at Consulence AB and have done so since March 2013, but I have been in the consulting business since 2007. My assignments have mostly been mobile oriented (Sony Ericsson, Golden Gekko) but I have also been doing other stuff (like much of the now redesigned search page at IKEA). Now I’m back at Sony Mobile (no more Ericsson) hacking and slashing in the Android framework (frameworks/base) all day long.

My specialities are Java and Android development/prototyping, but I’ve been know to dabble in other languages and frameworks as well. To name a few: Python (Flask, Django and Tornado), Objective-c (OSX) and Javascript (plain, Prototype.js, jQuery, Appcelerator Titanium).

Like the true geek that I am, I also code on my spare time. Check out my projects page.


I keep my LinkedIn page up to date on what I do and accomplish. You can also download this pdf with (roughly) the same information albeit in a much prettier format.


I can be found on the following networks:

Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Github, Facebook and Stackoverflow

If you feel the need to tell me how awesome I am or tip me of something you’ve seen or done that you think I should know about, you can drop me an email at: (my first name) at (this domain)

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