About Me


The name’s Tomas Hau (formerly Persson), I’m a swedish dude who loves computers, programming, technology and the Internets. I live in Malmö, Sweden, with my wife Amanda, our son Christian and two dogs Dixie and Vilda.

I work as a consultant at Consulence AB and have done so since March 2013, but I have been in the business since 2007. My assignments have mostly been mobile oriented (Sony Ericsson/Sony Mobile, Golden Gekko) but I have also been doing other stuff (like much of the current search page at IKEA). Be sure to check my cv

My specialities are Java and Android development/prototyping, but I’ve been know to dabble in other languages and frameworks as well. To name a few: Python (Flask, Django and Tornado), Objective-C (OSX, iOS) and Javascript (plain, Prototype.js, jQuery, Appcelerator Titanium).

Like the true geek that I am, I also code on my spare time. Check out my projects page.


I can be found on the following networks:

Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Github, Facebook and Stackoverflow

If you feel the need to tell me how awesome I am or tip me of something you’ve seen or done that you think I should know about, you can drop me an email at: (my first name) at (this domain)